Cornerstone services all makes and models.

Service Calls
  We offer service with no overtime fees, and charges by the job ... not by the hour.

Service calls are just $89, which covers the cost for a professional service technician to come to your location, inspect your system, and provide you with a diagnosis.  Once the diagnostic procedure is performed, you will be shown exactly what the problem is, what the solution is, and what it will cost.

If you would like to request a service call, please call us at (512)894-3337.  We also offer Safety and Efficiency programs which include priority service, and discounts on parts and labor.

Safety & Efficiency Programs
  Cornerstone's Safety and Efficiency Program is one of the smartest energy-saving investments you can make.  It increases efficiency and safety, extends your system's life and reduces the likelihood of a breakdown.

As a program member, you get priority treatment anytime you call, and exclusive discounts on labor and parts.  Preventative Maintenance is much more than just checking your filters!   In addition to lower utility bills, fewer repairs, and longer equipment life ... as a program member you receive:

  • Two Precision Maintenance visits annually
  • 15% discount on parts and labor
  • Priority Service - tell us you're a plan member when you call and you will be given top priority in our service schedule!
  • All this for just $198/year - the equivalent of your car's annual oil changes
Visits Include:

Every Visit

  • Check electrical connections
  • Check safety controls
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Check fan blade tightness
  • Lubricate fan motor
  • Measure amp draw
  • Check system air flow
  • Prepare complete system report
Heating Season Visits
  • Clean burners
  • Perform carbon monoxide check
  • Check for proper venting
  • Check manifold pressure
  • Check service valves
  • Check heat exchanger/chamber
  • Leak test gas lines from shutoff to burners
  • Check gas pressure
Cooling Season Visits
  • Clean condenser
  • Check evaporator coil
  • Check refrigerant lines
  • Check "start" and "run" capacitors
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Clean condensate drain
Get the comfort and peace of mind of a Cornerstone Heating & Air Safety & Efficiency Program.

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